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Unlock the key to a happy relationship

The key to a happy relationship is to nurture it.

So many couples I work with who are in troubled relationships complain their partner doesn’t pay them attention anymore. They feel neglected, feeling they are just a drudge, a housekeeper, financial provider, parent, but definitely not the most important person in the other’s life.

One or other has neglected their partner and their relationship. They have stopped caring about the person they have decided to share their life with. The most important person in their life.

I have talked to individuals who feel that they don’t have to bother now they are married or living together. That because they have made a commitment to their partner that they no longer have to make an effort.

How wrong that belief is- and the road to unhappiness

If you take your partner for granted the relationship is likely to wither and die from neglect.

Pay your partner compliments, remind them frequently that you love them. Compliment them on their achievements, the way they look, what they are wearing (that goes for both genders if you feel they would appreciate those comments) Please don’t do it without any thought, as is becomes perfunctory, and loses any meaning.

Pay attention to what your partner has to say, rather than with only one ear. Make them feel they are important to you, and their opinions count.

Finally, when you kiss your partner, don’t just give them a peck, kiss them like you mean it. If you are sending a text, change the ending, rather than just an ‘X’. There are plenty of emoji’s to choose from. Be creative and let the most important person in your life know you care.

You have the key to a happy relationship right in your hands, you just need to know how to unlock it.

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