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The Impact of Mis-Communication on Relationships

Negative Impacts of Mis-Communication on Relationships

mis-communication has negative impact on relationships

Mis-communication can happen at any time in any relationship,, and can cause a negative impact on the relationship.

It can take the form of an email, a text or in conversation.

So often what happens is that we aren’t listening carefully to what the other person is saying or trying to convey. So we put our own interpretation on it. We live in a very busy, stressful world, full of noise, which means we become distracted very easily, trying to focus on everything going on around us.

Picture this for one moment ……….You are on your laptop writing an email, when a text pops up on your mobile. You stop and read it, and instead of taking the time to read it carefully, you skim it – and miss those vital words, whole rafts of important information that turn that message in your head into having a completely different meaning.  So because you are in a hurry – you fire back a response, based on your understanding – which is incorrect!

You now turn your attention to the email, which is only part way finished, and because your mood has changed based on the text you received, (which you say as negative) not only have you lost the thread but the tone of your email changes too.  You press the send button too late –  before checking it – and the person on the other end receives a message you didn’t intend.

This situation can escalate if the recipient of the email or text responds in a similar vein, things become heated and in some cases the relationship becomes damaged.

Does this situation, or one similar sound familiar to you? It certainly has happened to me, and clients I work with.

But it can so easily be avoided with these simple tips

Concentrate on one task at a time, and don’t get distracted.

Take the time to read things carefully -re-reading if need be.

Check your understanding of the message you received with the other person.

Don’t lash out – as nothing is gained by it.

If it’s a conversation with someone, then listen carefully with all of your body. Be attentive.

If mis-communication is affecting your relationships, either professional of persona then

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