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The craziest things to argue about in a Relationship

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Couples argue about the oddest things, be honest I am sure you have. Something that is really important to you probably isn’t to your partner.

The position of the toilet seat seems to create one of the greatest discord.

So why is it that we argue about such trivial things? Why does it bring up those sensations of scraping nails down a blackboard?

The answer probably lies way back in our childhood, and the things that annoyed our parents.

My father was always reminding me to eat quietly, he couldn’t bear me eating an apple within his hearing. A difficult thing to accomplish when biting into a crunchy apple! The problem is that it’s something that has stayed with me, and I feel the hairs on the back of my neck pricking when I notice someone eating noisily.

So this is the reason we have our little quirks and things that niggle us. What we have to remember that it’s our stuff, and picking on our partner for these things maybe in some circumstances very unreasonable, and can leave them feeling they can’t do anything right.

So be mindful as to what you start an argument over.

Check out this video and let me know if recognise any of these.

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