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Here are some of the comments couples have written after working with me:

“As a result of working with Wendy, we are getting our relationship back onto a more even keel, getting back to working together as a partnership, rather than at odds – going separate ways. “ – Amelia & Jason

“There was bad communication between us, and we lacked understanding of each other. This culminated in the breakdown of the relationship.” We feel able to talk to each other and verbalise our feelings better.” – Jane and Peter

“Before starting working with Wendy, there was no proper communication in our relationship, which was almost over. Nervous about seeing Wendy, having seen professionals in the past, that had no effect, I probably not expecting much. During the process, pretty much something new was unravelled, discovered and explored, which made it an enlightening journey. As a result, we gained a greater understanding of ourselves and each other, recognising flaws, and talking to each other, instead of arguing.” – Gary and Emily

“I would like to thank you for assisting my husband and I to resolve some very difficult issues we experienced in the early years of our marriage that we were struggling to overcome on our own. It really helped us to talk to each other again in a controlled and civil fashion, and not get cross with each other.We have been able to go from strength to strength and love and respect each other once again. I feel certain the help you provided us will stand us in very good stead for many more years of a happy marriage.” – Amy and James