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Corporate talks & Workshops

With a career working in both the private and public sector, and managing teams I have understanding of the pressures facing staff and managers alike.Corporate Talks & Workshops

As a Housing Officer for a  Local Authority, working with multi-agencies  and the public,  it was important to be able to communicate effectively to build relationships and obtain satisfactory outcomes.

In my talks to organisations, I share some of my own experiences and how to overcome some of the challenges faced in often stressed work environments.

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Personal Development

With more than a decades experience as a counsellor I have worked with many individuals and couples to build their confidence and self-esteem.

Personal development Talks & WorkshopsThis enables the person to communicate more effectively, which in turn builds stronger personal relationships, both with friends, family and partners.

In my talks and workshops I share some of my own personal stories, as well as providing tools and simple exercises that are immediately and simply actionable.

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