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When things go awry it’s probably built up over a period of time.

Have you noticed that you are having continual arguments, does it feel as though you are drifting apart and your communication has broken down, or are you experiencing any of the following:

  • Feel as though you don’t have anything in common
  • You hardly spend any time together, work, kids, so many things taking your time, there never seems time for you or your relationship.
  • You really love each other and you don’t want to give it all up, but you just don’t know how to fix it.

These are not uncommon feelings, relationships can cause us to feel many things, especially when they are not running as smoothly as they should.

Working with someone like me can really help by providing:

  • Impartial support
  • Confidence in knowing you can talk to someone and your conversations are completely confidential
  • Removal of blame, knowing that it isn’t one or the others fault, this is a relationship

It takes time – just like going to the gym, one session isn’t going to instantly fix it because it didn’t start going wrong overnight.

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I offer support for both individuals and couples.

Relationship Support for Couples

When working on getting a relationship back on track it makes more sense for both the partner’s to work on it together with my help and support. I beleive it’s  about teamwork. So we need the team working together to achieve the results you really want and deserve!

You can find more information about program for couples HERE

Relationship Support for individuals

There can be many reasons why you may be seeking help.

Perhaps you need clarity around your current relationship, are there things happening that you are unsure about, and wonder whether you want to stay or go.

Maybe you have just come out of a really unpleasant relationship and want to try and make sense of it

Or do you feel you keep attraciting the wrong person into your life

Does you partner refuse to seek help? In which case you can make a difference alone

The link to my program for singles is HERE


Watch this short video to find out more about me, my experience and how relationship counselling really can work.