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Relationship Couples Program

Relationship Couples Program –

12 Steps to rebuilding a happier relationship

I have created this 12-week program for couples who are committed to their relationship and really love their partner. They really value what they have and won’t want to lose it. They recognise that all relationships go through some difficult times and that professional help will prevent things getting to the point where it can’t be repaired and the only option is to part company. Something they want to avoid at all costs.

My experience has shown that working session by session doesn’t achieve the results couples want and deserve. The issues have developed over a period of time, and it will therefore take more than a couples of hours to fix the relationship.

One or two trips to the gym will not get you the physical results you want

The chances are that your relationship deteriorated over time. Months, even years and so you need to give yourselves time to repair it and make it stronger than ever. We also need to discover the root causes of the issues that brought you to this point, so that you don’t go back to your old ways.

This program is for couples who prepared to do whatever it takes to get their relationship back on track, and make it stronger than ever. Whilst I understand it takes courage to take those first steps towards making the change you want, you need to want to make the changes.

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What to expect

Every program is individually tailored for each couple. No relationship is the same and therefore there is no ‘one size’ fits all approach

  • I listen to each person to find out their perspective and how it affects them
  • I remain impartial and don’t take sides
  • The process is collaborative, with  each of us all working together to find the solutions that best works for you
  • I don’t believe in playing the ‘blame game’. It only creates more conflict
  • I will help you get your relationship back on track, helping you reconnect and build a stronger happier relationship

Relationship couple course

How it works

I need to ensure we are a good fit, and that I can help you, so I carry out an Initial Assessment. After that if we agree to work together, we will arrange suitable times for the sessions. Unlike services like Relate, where you have an assessment with one person, and then may have to wait several weeks to be allocated to someone, you will work with me, and we can usually organise sessions straightaway as I only work with a select few clients at a time.

Every day you put the problems off – the larger they become. So don’t delay –

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Where it’s difficult to visit me for sessions we can arrange sessions via Zoom/Skype or I can visit you. Please contact me to discuss this.