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Why I really enjoy listening to Podcasts

I really enjoy listening to podcasts. They are so portable. I can listen when I am walking, in the car, or just chilling.

Anyway this morning I was searching for something to listen to, and came across a , as you may know, a subject I am passionate about.

The narrator started straight off reminding the listener – me – of the most important things in my life, and to make time for them and hold onto them as they are so precious.

We can get so caught up with the ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ in our lives.

The moment we wake up our heads are full of all the things we HAVE to do.

  • Have I all the paperwork ready for that important meeting later?
  • Does Josh have PE today? Where is his kit? Is it clean?
  • Can I fit in time for the gym today?
  • My mobile is dead! Where is the charger!!!!!
  • “Kids – WILL YOU GET UP NOW! We are going to be late.”

And so our day continues, rush and tear, rush and tear……………..feeling more and more stressed as the day goes on. We don’t have time to listen to what our children have to tell us that is important for them, or to give our husband a hug and kiss, just shouting goodbye as he leaves the house.

Not only do we forget to enjoy each day but we also forget what is important.

If those precious people in our lives were to say what they remember about us. Would it be –

  • She makes the most awesome spaghetti Bolognese
  • Her house is always spotless
  • She wears designer clothes
  • She is so ambitious

Or would it be………

  • She is a great mum as she always has time to listen to my problems
  • I love it when she just puts her arm around me and gives a reassuring hug
  • The bestest friend who sat and sobbed with me when my husband left me
  • Curling up and watching the silliest film and laughing so hard we cried

The most precious things are not the material ones, stuff………… for example, the most expensive gifts.

They are moments, memories – allowing our kids to jump in puddles and joining in. Giving our partner a passionate kiss and bear hug when they are hot and sticky.

When it rains look for rainbows – When it’s dark look for the stars………… together

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