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My Story

My story

I am often asked how I came to specialise in working with people struggling with issues in their relationships, and why I do it. So I thought I would share my story so far and how I became a relationship coach for couples in need of some relationship advice.

Growing up

I was the only child, and my parents were not particularly happy together.There were periods of arguments interspersed with periods when they didn’t talk to each other  – or me which left me feeling isolated as an only child. So, I didn’t have a great relationship role model to base any relationships I had as an adult.

I married at 23 and thought I would be in that relationship forever. Sadly after 10 years, it all started going wrong, mainly because neither of us knew how to fix it.

Fast forward a number of years, having brought up my children alone, and also, fortunately, surviving the trauma of breast cancer.

I decided to train as a counsellor.  I learned a lot about myself and how my life experiences had shaped me as a person and affected my relationships.

After I qualified as a counsellor, I became a volunteer counsellor at the Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre in Guildford, Surrey. This gave me a great deal of valuable experience. At the same time, I started my private practice initially working with individuals. But relationships kept coming into the work, even when it wasn’t the initial issue the client had brought. I decided to undertake further training so that I could work with couples to improve their relationships, I like to think of myself as a Relationship Coach – educating couples on how to grow within relationships and learn to understand each other’s needs and wants.

I have a lot of life experiences to bring to my work, and I can identify with many of the issues that clients experience. Relationship coaching and counselling is nothing to be ashamed of, it is something couples should embrace, a time to re-discover each other and grow as a couple, or make the final decision, knowing you at least tried.

Smiling couple who have benefited from a relationship coach

Rediscover the magic in each other with the help of a relationship coach and choose what tomorrow brings. Act now before it’s too late and you lose the most important person in your life