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How to Improve Communication In a Relationship

How to improve Communication

Do you find yourselves unable to talk calmly to each other?

Do you find yourself sniping or bickering all the time, and don’t know how to talk to each other in a civil way. Are you reduced to conversations about what you are having for dinner.

Maybe your conversations are mainly about who is picking up the children. Or perhaps  asking your partner if they have put the bin out. These conversations can feel much safer. Are you focusing on these subjects because talking about your relationship and the marriage issues within it are too uncomfortable.

The problem is that by burying your head in the sand, and ignoring them,  you are missing out on the opportunity of building a great relationship.Imagine how much better things would be if your you could learn how to improve communication in your relationship.

You will be surprised at how much more meaningful your relationship will be, if you really communicate properly with each other, and it can also save a lot of misunderstandings. As a result you will have a happier, healthy relationship.

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There are times in relationships when communication breaks down, and it seems you cannot talk to each other without it turning into a row – or a stand – off.

Heated confrontation happens constantly and it feels really stressful and tiring.
Whilst most relationships go through ups and downs, and its part of life. For as much a couple love each other it would be almost impossible to like each other all the time, or not to feel irritated by each other on occasions.

Do you find it hard to talk to each other without having an argument?

How to improve communication

Talking at each other

Sometimes arguments start because you haven’t really listened to the other person. You may have picked up on one or two words that have impacted on you.  And because you feel wounded, you react –  rather than respond.
You  may not even wait for the other person to finish their sentence before you defend your corner. As a consequence the other person defends themselves, often in temper.  So the cycle begins,  and before you  know it the discussion has turned into a full blown row. At the end of which neither of you can recall what first started it.

Here are some useful tips to improve communication in your Relationship

Firstly, just stop for a moment when your partner says something – don’t react immediately. Make sure you have heard what your partner said. I mean REALLY HEARD, and understood the point they are making.

There are times when we think we heard what they said, and so we react to that. Or there are times when maybe they didn’t phrase it as well as they could.This leads to misunderstandings.

How to Improve Communication

• So check, ask your partner if you heard correctly, or if that is what your partner meant

• Really listen, and pay attention to what your partner is saying, rather than getting your answer ready

• Start by empathising with your partner – ( I know you are probably not in the mood, but if you do, you are likely to get your partner to listen to you ) and then you can make your case.

• Don’t say things you will regret later. Remember you cannot take the words back, once said they are said.
Of course when emotions are running high, its not so easy to carry out these tips, But imagine how much better your relationship will be when you do.

Of course none of this comes easy. It takes practice, and by taking these steps you are building a better relationship. You will be able to relate better in your relationship. Communication is one of the key and important factors in a healthy, loving relationship. For for relationship advice, contact Wendy.

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