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How Relationships Change Over Time

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Relationships are ever changing, because we change as individuals. We may change in our opinions as we become better informed for example. We may change our interests or hobbies. And of course, our behaviour is likely to change as we get older.

When you first get together with your partner it feels magical. The honeymoon period feels special, exciting and so easy. But that just doesn’t last, and then things start to change as you come down to earth with a bump and reality. How relationships change over time can be difficult to accept.

Life can become pretty mundane as you get into the routine of life. Petty arguments can start, and you wonder whether you have made a mistake and whether relationship problems have started.

As the relationship develops you begin to relax.  You may not be so considerate towards each other, around bodily functions or even personal hygiene. Smelly feet and the sweatshirt you have worn for the umpteenth day don’t seem to be such an issue anymore, as when you were trying to impress your new love!

You certainly won’t be having sex as often as you did in the beginning. You begin to make excuses that you are too tired – that you have a busy day tomorrow, you just don’t feel like it……………… The excuses come thick and fast.  All because the hormones that were raging at the start have subsided and aren’t functioning at the rate they were in the beginning. This means you have to make more of an effort to be more romantic and wanting sex. Even cuddles may not be as often. You get pins and needles in your arms or a backache. Check as to whether these are just excuses or if you are just not making the effort any more.

Whilst you really are committed to having a successful marriage, you begin to realise that it takes effort to make your relationship work.

As time goes on, you may want more time and space to yourself. Or perhaps want to spend time with friends that you neglected when you met your partner. You begin to feel you don’t want to be attached to each other 24 /7. Conversely, if your partner is the one who wants to spend less time with you, you feel neglected, and start worrying that they don’t want you anymore.

Don’t allow these things to get in the way of your relationship. If you find it hard to resolve them then get help and support to cope with these changes.

If you recognise any of the signs that there is change over time in your relationship, it’s time to talk. But if are finding it difficult to talk about them together, calmly without it descending into an argument, or having a standoff, then my FREE online communication course, can get you started in the right direction –

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