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How not to win an argument

We are all in relationships, as we are sociable beings, who want to connect with each other. So it’s important that we know how to communicate well with each other.

Whether it’s with our partner, friends, family, work colleagues. But for sure the one way not to treat another person is the way Gordon Ramsay (love him or hate him) speaks to Sebastian in this clip

Here are the things to avoid.

  • Making personal comments
  • Pointing a finger at someone
  • Swearing at them
  • Sarcasm
  • Physical contact

He made some really derogatory remarks to Sebastian, and used his own ego to belittle him. Is it any wonder that Sebastian reacted in the way he did!

So, entertaining as this clip is. There are some real lessons to be learned from it.

  • Own your feelings ( I think, I feel)
  • Show respect for the other person
  • Don’t use bad language
  • Practice beforehand if it’s going to be a difficult conversation
  • Be prepared to negotiate
  • Don’t leave with the other person feeling bad about themselves
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