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How Much Time Do You Spend Together With Your Partner?

When I say that, I don’t mean being in the same area, the same room or house. What I’m asking is how much time do you really spend together each week? Just the two of you, not with others, children, friends, extended family. Not distracted by other things, such as social media, TV, answering emails or texting friends.

I mean, focussed on each other and your relationship.

Date nights are great, but that’s really organising a time together and it’s not spontaneous.  It can become a chore or part of your routine –

  • Weekly Shop
  • Visit the gym
  • Household chores
  • Take children to their activities
  • Laundry
  • Prepare meals
  • Clean the car
  • Spend time with partner

And so often it can be the last or almost last on the list, (where the last on the list is spending time taking care of yourself).

Of course, we all lead busy lives, and it’s hard to juggle everything, but is it ok for the time you spend with your partner – the time you spend on your relationship – to be part of a checklist?

If you don’t focus on your relationship you may find that you become disconnected from each other, just being part of your daily routine, and it’s much harder to fix the problems in your relationship.

Is that the reason you got together?

Think about the things you can do together, or share so that you are connecting with each other at the same time. Chat with each other while one of you is ironing, preparing dinner, make sure you eat together whenever possible.

If you are finding it hard to find ways of connecting with your partner, then contact me. I am passionate about helping couples keep their relationship healthy and happy, and successfully help this happen with so many people.

Don’t let your relationship be just another item on your checklist.

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