Don’t ignore the warning signs In your relationship - it could be too late!

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Don’t ignore the warning signs – it could be too late!

Too often people ignore the problems in their relationship, but they have a gut feeling things aren’t right. Maybe their partner isn’t paying them the same attention, perhaps they start working late, or they prefer to go out with their freinds rather than with you.

You have a sense things aren’t right, but you just can’t put your finger on it. You brush it aside, after all you are both really busy. You persuade yourself you are imagining things.

Whatever those feelings don’t ignore them – trust your instincts. Pay attention to those warning signs,  and talk to your partner about them. Just don’t wait until you are in the middle of a full blown argument, as it’s likely to come out all wrong. When we are upset and angry we don’t always make sense. Words just tumble out, and we often say things we later regret, wjen we have calmed down.

It’s better to deal with it when things are going ok, because then you are more likely to be heard. When things are said in an argument or as a passing comment they are never received well by the other person.They are more likely to retaliate, which only makes things worse.

Don’t be tempted to brush things under the carpet because you feel things are going ok. It could be shortlived. Don’t ignore them because you don’t want to rock the boat, you may find it has capsised when you weren;t paying attention. When things are on an even keel is the best time of all to talk calmly to each other.  You are much more likely to have an reasoned discussion which will be received much more sensibly by yoru partner.

It’s so much easier to fix things early on, rather than leaving them till the problems are beyond repair. So don’t let them build up, it could be too late by that time.

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