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Do You Trust Your Partner?

Trust in relationships - puzzle with the word TRUST incomplete

Trust in relationships can be a really big issue between couples. From my experience; technology – as much as I welcome and embrace it – seems to be adding to the problems of trust within so many couples relationships.

I hear couples saying things like –

‘Why is she being so secretive with her credit card statement?’
‘Why does he refuse to take a mobile call and then say it’s a wrong number? ‘
‘Why does he suddenly have to work late most days?’
‘Who is she texting or messaging all the time?’

If you are uncomfortable about some of these issues, have a chat with your partner, rather than being underhand about it and checking up on them behind their back.

If  one of you is hiding things from the other, being secretive, because you have something you are ashamed of, because that is certainly about trust. You need to have an open and honest discussion. Relationships are based on trust, and you can’t build a meaningful relationship without it.

I believe we all need some privacy in a relationship, after all we are partners and one doesn’t own the other.

We shouldn’t have to feel we have to share everything with someone as that then feels claustrophobic.

Ask yourself why you are not being honest with your partner. Is it that you feel they may disapprove, and if that is the case is that because you don’t feel good about it? Or is your partner controlling you?

If we don’t feel safe enough to have an honest conversation with our partner,  because it may cause a row, then it’s time to to think whether you are in the right relationship. Having trust in relationships is so important. Without it you will never feel calm or settled.

Meaningful relationships are built on honesty and trust.

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