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Do Issues Around Money Cause Arguments In Your Relationship?

Money and relationships, many couples experience arguments over money.

Do Issues Around Money Cause Arguments In Your Relationship?

So often they can. Issues around finances can have a huge impact on your relationship.

People have very different views around money and quite often it can go back to our experiences in childhood. For example, if you experienced hardship in your childhood and your family were on a tight budget. Perhaps  your parents split up, or one of your parents suffered long-term illness ,which made the fmaily budget quite difficult, and cause issues around money.

As a result, you may be used to living on a tight budget and become anxious about falling into hardship. So you may need to ensure you spend money wisely. Or you may even take the opposite view, and spend money freely even getting into debt, just because you want the things you couldn’t have as a child.

Perhaps you were lucky to live in a family where money wasn’t an issue,  and you wanted for nothing, lucky not to experience money concerns.

Experiences in adulthood can also have an effect on us. A partner who got into debt, redundancy or job loss can cause all kind of money worries.

When a couple gets together,  it’s really worthwhile to decide how finances will be dealt with, as many issues can arise around money in relationships. Whilst one person may opt for being responsible for paying bills and managing the family budget, ignoring the whole thing and leaving it to the other person can lead to problems. Especially if that person becomes ill, and the other has no ideas where to start!

Honesty and openness are important. Many arguments can rise because of secrecy. Credit Card debts rising to unmanageable proportions because of unrealistic spending likely to cause stress which impacts in the relationship.

Its all too easy to put spending on the credit card,  promising to pay it off the next month, but the problems are then just put on the back burner, not dealt with.  So the problems pile up.

Payday loans are a really bad idea, even in cases of emergency. Much better to try and borrow from family or talk to your bank. No one wants disharmony, or secrecy and there is notihg worse than issues around money in relationships. So talk to each other and be honest.

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