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Coaching Singles

Coaching Singles

Whether you are divorced, separated, or just can’t find the right person, I can help. Coaching Singles is an area in which I have many years of experience.

Do you find you keep attracting the wrong person into your life? They treat you badly, maybe controlling you – where you go and who you see. Perhaps they put you down all the time, criticising things you do, the way you look, or say, so you feel you can’t do anything right. Or perhaps they just don’t pay you any attention.

It’s not what you want but you don’t understand why you keep attracting this kind of relationship.

You look around you and it seems like all the good guys have been taken !

Coaching singles


Perhaps you have just split up from your partner, or gone through an unpleasant divorce, and you feel battered and bruised and your confidence is rock bottom.

Or maybe you’re not in a relationship but are worried about taking those first steps. You are worried about dating as you aren’t sure what you really want, although you do know what you don’t want!

You are happy in other parts of your life, but love just seems to elude you. You have almost given up.


6 Week Course for Singles

I have successfully worked with many women just like you and understand  the problems you face. So I have created a 6-week course for women just like you  in which we will –

  • Work together to find the root cause of why you attract unsuitable partner
  • Discover if you are sending out the wrong signals
  • Look at the reasons why you keep settling for second best because you don’t want to be alone
  • Explore what you really want from a relationship
  • Give you tools and techniques to develop and improve your confidence and self esteem

You really don’t have to give up on love. Don’t wait –


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