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Long-Term Relationships

Are Long Term Relationships Worth It?

    Are long term relationships worth it? I’m going to start by saying there are times when they probably aren’t.  They are certainly not always a smooth journey, often encountering rocky patches. For example  – If your relationship Is a toxic relationship  – with one or both being verbally, emotionally or physically abusive. This […]

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Beach shot from a recent trip away, where i didn't expect to deal with relationship issues

It’s Not Me, It’s You!

  This Christmas I decided to take myself away somewhere in the sun. It felt quite strange because it didn’t have the same feel of Christmas, and I was away from family and friends, but it was warm and sunny and great to get away from it all and relax. I wasn’t expecting to be […]

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We Are Each Individual

I had an interesting conversation recently with a childhood friend. We haven’t spoken for some time. So I wondered about her and what she was like after all this time. When we met, my first impression was how glamorous she was and so self-assured, and I initially felt rather dowdy and insignificant.  However as the […]

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Things You Should Stop Expecting from Others

What are your expectations? Of yourself, your partner, your world. We all have expectations, but sometimes they can be unrealistic.  For example if you live in the UK it would be totally unrealistic to expect temperatures of 40 degrees every day from May to September. If you were fearful of heights would you expect to […]

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