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Confidence in the work place

When I ask people how they feel about their job and what they would like to change they often answer by saying they would like to be more confident. They feel they often feel its holding them back from letting people know what they are good at,  or share their aspirations.

This then spirals  downwards because by not being able to acknowledge and articulate their positive qualities , they doubt themselves and then their performance falters. They get into a lot of negative self talk which leads them into spiraling even further  and they often stop trying.

Does any of this resonate with you? Then read on.


Why you need to be more self assured and confident in the workplace

By being more confident you will be –

  • More Assertive  – you will be able to speak with more authority and conviction. Which in turn means others will take you more seriously., which in turn will help to advance you in your career
  • More Productive – Because you aren’t worrying unnecessarily about what others think about you, and you recognise and acknowledge your abilities and strengths you will be able to concentrate on getting the job done
  • Able to push the boundaries –feeling more able to push yourself out of your comfort zone and able to aim for higher goals.
  • Trusted by your employer – as they will have more confidence in you, as a result of  you demonstrating your abilities and strengths with confidence..
  • A better communicator – as confidence allows more effective communication. By feeling  more confident you will have a clearer head and able to speak with clarity. This in turn means you can convey your needs and wants succinctly. Which brings us back to be being more productive.

How I can help

  • I can help you recognise your strengths and how to demonstrate them without appearing arrogant
  • Change your thought patterns
  • Take back your control and power, realising it’s what you do that matters, not what others do to you.
  • Change your  negative thought patterns and self talk
  • Communicate more effectively and confidently

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Talks & Workshops

As an experienced speaker I specialise in giving motivational talks and workshops on Confidence and Effective Communication in the workplace as these are key areas which affect both the employer and employee. Which in turn affect emotional health and ability to perform well.

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