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Business Coaching

Relationships in work situations can sometimes be problematic

Because you spend on average 8 hours each day at work, it’s important that you feel happy. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, as you can’t choose your work colleagues. At times there can be a clash of personalities, and you may find it harder to deal with than with a friend or partner.  You feel angry and frustrated inside, and you are worried if you allow your feelings out, your job could be at stake, especially if these issues involve your boss.

As a result you end up saying nothing and bottling it up, or, you blurt it out and it comes out in a way you didn’t mean it. You feel stressed and unhappy in your job, and you hate facing each day.

You know you want to resolve the problem but you just don’t know how to start.

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Stuck or Stressed

There maybe times when you feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, and its affecting your personal life and professional life.

You just don’t know where to turn – but you need to do something!

business coaching

You need someone who will listen and a safe place to think and talk things through, because trying to unravel it alone is leaving you going round in circles without any clear understanding of how to move forward. Someone who understands the work environment and has experience of business coaching. I have worked in the Corporate world, and understand the pressures that can affect you.

Here is where I can help

  • Lack of confidence
  • Issues with work colleague or boss
  • Stress
  • Redundancy
  • Career change
  • Anger management

Talks & Workshops

As an experienced speaker I give motivational talks and workshops. Contact me for a chat to discuss your requirements.

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