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mis communication

The Impact of Mis-Communication on Relationships

Negative Impacts of Mis-Communication on Relationships Mis-communication can happen at any time in any relationship,, and can cause a negative impact on the relationship. It can take the form of an email, a text or in conversation. So often what happens is that we aren’t listening carefully to what the other person is saying or trying […]

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Love shouldnt hurt

Gaslighting and Emotional Abuse

  Gaslighting and Emotional Abuse This image says so much. Love really shouldn’t hurt. Gaslighting and  Emotional Abuse are not loving behaviours. Sadly, I see many clients who find it hard to accept their relationship is toxic and their partner’s behaviour is emotional abusive. I guess it’s hard to believe that the person you love […]

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Are There Times When You Don’t Feel Heard

  Are There Times When You Don’t Feel Heard? I was recently happily chatting to someone at a social event, when another person butted without saying  ‘excuse me’ –  or seeming to notice me at all. So I was left mid-sentence feeling completely ignored and gob smacked. Neither of the other two even seemed to […]

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Long-Term Relationships

Are Long Term Relationships Worth It?

    Are long term relationships worth it? I’m going to start by saying there are times when they probably aren’t.  They are certainly not always a smooth journey, often encountering rocky patches. For example  – If your relationship Is a toxic relationship  – with one or both being verbally, emotionally or physically abusive. This […]

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Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 14.49.31

Relationship Breakdown

Why Relationships Don’t Work Anymore. People often ask me why relationships don’t work anymore. What went wrong with their relationship? They thought they were really happy, and that they had a great relationship with their partner, but now feel there is a relationship breakdown. So why isn’t it working anymore? (more…)

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How relationships change over time

How Relationships Change Over Time

Relationships are ever changing, because we change as individuals. We may change in our opinions as we become better informed for example. We may change our interests or hobbies. And of course, our behaviour is likely to change as we get older. When you first get together with your partner it feels magical. The honeymoon […]

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