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Back to School worries for mums and kids

So either your children are back at school already – or they are due to start. So having been in holiday mode for so many weeks, its back to routine. And whilst many parents breathe a sigh of relief as they consider their kids in need of it, there are also lots of other emotions that come up for both you – mum and the kids.

Concerns about your child

1. Worried that your child maybe bullied, and you aren’t there to protect them
2. They maybe left out in the cold, because they are not part of the clique that has formed
3. They don’t get on with their teacher
4.They fall into the wrong crowd

We can’t protect our children from everything that may affect them. As parents, we can keep lines of communication open so they are able to talk openly to us about things that are worrying them. We can also help build their self-confidence and self-esteem. This doesn’t always mean praising them for every little thing they do. If you do that they won’t have a handle on reality. But encourage them, and help them in those areas where they struggle, and accept them for who they are rather than trying to mould them into something you think they should be.

Mum’s struggle too

So, although you may sigh with relief that the kids have gone back it will have left a void in your day, your week. Time you probably spent taking care of them, having fun with them, occupying them, and now…………………

It’s time for you to fill that void, time for you. If you don’t have an outside work or career that fills that time, then why not sit down and think about what you want for yourself. Of course being a mum is a full-time job, especially if your life is filled with other things too. But it’s also important to plan your future as your children will grow up and fly the nest at some point leaving a much greater void, if your life has totally revolved around them which I have seen many times.

It is certainly time to cement your relationship with your partner, because otherwise, you may experience problems in your relationship in the future. Spend quality time with each other, because as your children grow older and form their own friendships and relationships they won’t need you so much. So many times it’s the children that are the glue that hold the relationship together. And when they have gone – couples realise they have drifted apart, simply because they have neglected the relationship with their partner

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