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Are you treating your relationship like a used car?

When we first buy a new car – new to us anyway –  we take really good care of it. We make sure it’s cleaned regularly inside and out and woe betide anyone who throws things on the floor or treads muddy shoes in there. We take pride in our new possession, and pay it attention, admiring it. We get concerned if it gets the slightest scratch or scuff on it.

Relationships can be just like that. When we first meet, we pay the other lots of attention, taking good care of them. But as the newness of the relationship wears off, we stop paying them as much attention, taking them for granted.

The difference is that it won’t take long to spruce up the car, give it a clean and get the scratches or dents repaired, and soon it will be restored to its former glory.

But with a relationship, it’s not so easy. The neglect causes an emotional upset that cannot be spruced up in a jiffy, and the dents and scratches often cause deep scars that cannot be erased as quickly or easily as those on the vehicle.

Of course, you can always part-exchange your vehicle quite easily, and affordably. But the cost of a broken relationship is much more, both financially and emotionally.

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