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Are you bored in your relationship?

Are you bored in your relationship or marriage?

Then it’s time to make some changes!

A good place to start is checking first of all if you are bored in your relationship or if you are bored with your life in general

So think about how happy you are in your job, in day to day living, with the way you look or how you perceive life.  If that is the case, look at the changes you can make in those areas. Is it time to revisit your CV, and start looking around to see what other opportunities there are. Do you need to update your skills by taking some additional training?

If you are bored with the way you look, a visit to the hairdresser maybe the solution,  a new hairstyle can work wonders, having a massage, pedicure, or an overhaul of your wardrobe could make a difference

If you really feel down and don’t know how to change things, or if issues from your past are affecting your relationship why not get in touch with a therapist and talk it through. It’s so much better than letting things continue to affect your life.

But what if it is your relationship or your partner that’s boring you?

The best place to start is by talking to each other, explain to your partner how you are feeling, and see how each of you can make changes to improve things.  He may be relieved that you have shared your feelings, as he maybe feeling the same way.

If you are struggling to do that because  you are worried the conversation won’t go well, have a read of my blog – ‘How to have a difficult conversation

Break the boredom pattern by doing something different

If life has become too routine, which let’s face it, it can. After the initial ‘Honeymoon period’ has passed it can feel like and an endless round of work – chores – eat – sleep. Then get up and do something out of the ordinary to break that monotony pattern.

Change your Routine and do something different together. Maybe a new interest, or hobby.

Why not pack up your food and take it to the park, or the beach and have a picnic.

Instead of slobbing out on the sofa,  get up and do something. Go for a walk…… Not only will it break the monotony but it will also activate your endorphins, making you feel much better in yourself.

Why not put on the music you used to listen to when you were first together, dig out those photos of when you first met. Then make some plans for things to do in the future.

Holidays – night’s out together – special treats – date nights

Leave ALL the electronics out of the bedroom

Remove the TV, and ban your mobile phone, tablet, laptop from the bedroom, there is nothing more likely to kill romance and sex than being distracted by them.  Go to bed together, change the room around, give each other a massage with essential oils. Make the moments tended and loving.

Bring back the romance and have a cuddle, and it might even lead to some great sex!

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