Are You Aware That More Than 40% of Relationships End In Divorce?

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Are You Aware That More Than 40% of Relationships End In Divorce?

Are you aware that more than 40 % of couples in committed relationships end in separation or divorce because they haven’t dealt with the issues or sought help to resolve the problems early when it’s much easier to fix the marriage or relationship as the issues haven’t become ingrained.

I’m sure you will agree that’s a very high figure

Not only is there all the emotional heartache surrounding the breakdown of the relationship, but there are also the others who are affected, like the children and wider family.

There are financial implications too, as there is rarely enough money to go around and ensure that everyone is housed satisfactorily, let alone having enough money to live a reasonably comfortable life in the future.

So lots of unhappiness and stress for everyone concerned. So isn’t it worth trying to sort the issues out before they get to the point of no return? Wouldn’t it be better to try and talk to each other instead of hoping it will all go away?

If you are getting nowhere – an independent person can really help, as they are not emotionally involved, can offer another perspective and certainly won’t take sides!

I offer a free 30-minute discovery call, in which you can chat through and find out whether or not I can help. Click here to make an appointment.

You have nothing to lose, but by doing nothing you could be one of those statistics.

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